Sheetal Gupta

CEO – EJT Group & Certified Personality Development Coach PCELC
PGDHRM, NMIMS Mumbai/PGDIR & Labour Laws from Law College Mumbai

With 15 years of extensive experience in Talent Management, Personality Development, and Professional Life Coaching, I specialize in HR strategies encompassing Talent Acquisition, Generalist roles, and HR Operations. I firmly advocate the Law of Attraction, believing in its transformative power in both personal and professional realms.



Personal Grooming

Participants will refine personal presentation, mastering attire choices and essential etiquettes for professionalism and social finesse.


Participants will master time and stress management for productivity, and develop dynamic presentation skills for creative problem-solving.

Time & Stress Management

Master practical techniques to prioritize tasks and boost productivity. Learn coping strategies for a balanced, focused lifestyle amidst challenges


This Session will include Grooming Professionals and Aspiring Actors on their Overall Personality Development

  • Communication Skills: Ability to speak effectively
  • Convey your verbal & non-verbal message to the audience. Gestures / Postures.
  • Speak confidently in public & parties. Communication Behavior while Formal & Informal Meets.
  • Enhance self-status and confidence
  • Grooming on the Dressing style
  • Table Etiquettes
  • Phone Etiquettes. Personal grooming
  • Time/stress management
  • Presentation skills
  • Creative thinking