Acting Workshop

Just as going to the Gym builds muscles, in the same way there are many important aspects to sharpen this skill of acting. Usually people get amazed by some performances, they assume it to be Magic but the truth is, there goes a lot of practice, training, preparations, process to get that one act right. The best part of acting is the process & your passion to act.

So we will be helping the aspirant actors to learn the magic of Acting.

Sessions will be conducted by actors from TV/Film Industry. The sessions will be focused on practical training as an actor with latest acting techniques.


What you get

  • Basic of Camera Acting
  • Showcase your talent /Explore the actor in you
  • Awareness
  • Importance of Actors Imagination
  • Observation

  • Emotions of an Actor (Practice Navarasa)
  • Relaxation & concentration
  • Speech, Voice ,Diction
  • Body Language To give life to a character
  • Improvisation

  • Script Analysis
  • Difference between monologues & dialogues
  • Practice session with monologues
  • Free Audition updates for a Month

Workshop Details
  • Platform: Online
  • Session: One Week (Monday to Friday)
  • Session Duration : One hour