Art of Acting

Acting Workshop

Just as going to the Gym builds muscles, in the same way there are many important aspects to sharpen this skill of acting. Usually people get amazed by some performances, they assume it to be Magic but the truth is, there goes a lot of practice, training, preparations, process to get that one act right. The best part of acting is the process & your passion to act.

Practical Workshops with Industry Professionals

So we will be helping the aspirant actors to learn the magic of Acting.Sessions will be conducted by actors from TV/Film Industry. The sessions will be focused on practical training as an actor with latest acting techniques.



Acting Mastery

  • Basic of Camera Acting
  • Showcase your talent /Explore the actor in you
  • Observation: Saving’s Tough Challenge
  • Lighting and Framing


Actor’s Craft

  • Emotions of an Actor (Practice Navarasa)
  • Relaxation & concentration
  • Speech, Voice ,Diction
  • Body Language To give life to a character


Acting Essentials

  • Script Analysis
  • Difference between monologues & dialogues
  • Practice session with monologues
  • Importance of Actor’s Imagination
  • Free Audition updates for a Month


Acting Insight

  • Awareness
  • Importance of Actor’s Imagination
  • Improvisation
  • Character analysis
  • Character Development
  • Emotional Range/Vocal Technique

Join our 5-Day Online Introduction to Acting Techniques

Workshop with Harshal Pawar!

Day 1: Overview 

Dive into techniques by Larry Moss, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Stanislavski, and Michael Chekhov. Learn the importance of technique in acting.

Day 2: Larry Moss

Explore emotional connection and vulnerability through practical exercises and scene analysis.

Day 3: Uta Hagen 

Discover character development using “Substitution” and “Private Moment” techniques, with a focus on virtual scene work.

Day 4: Sanford Meisner

Engage in emotional truth and reactivity through repetition exercises and improvisation, perfect for online settings.

Day 5: Stanislavski & Chekhov 

Learn sense memory, “Magic If,” psychological gesture, and more, integrating these techniques into scene rehearsals.

Join our 15-Day Offline Introduction to Acting Techniques

Workshop with Harshal Pawar!

Day 1: Introduction to Acting Techniques

Participants will be introduced to various acting techniques such as those by Moss, Hagen, Meisner, Stanislavski, and Chekhov, alongside engaging icebreaker activities and group dynamics.

Days 2-3: Larry Moss Technique

The focus shifts to the principles and methodologies of Larry Moss’s technique, with practical exercises emphasizing emotionally connected scene work. Participants will engage in scene analysis and receive group feedback for improvement.

Days 4-5: Uta Hagen Technique

Participants delve into Uta Hagen’s approach to character development, exploring techniques like “Substitution” and “Private Moment.” They will apply these methods in scene studies, receiving peer feedback and making necessary revisions.

Days 6-7: Sanford Meisner Technique

The workshop explores Sanford Meisner’s emphasis on emotional truth and reactivity, engaging participants in exercises like repetition and improvisation. Scene work sessions focus on incorporating Meisner techniques with discussions on emotional authenticity.

Days 8-9: Stanislavski Method

The Stanislavski Method is studied in detail, focusing on physical actions and sense memory. Participants analyze scenes using Stanislavski’s techniques and engage in group discussions on achieving realism in performance.

Days 10-11: Michael Chekhov’s Technique

Participants learn about Michael Chekhov’s techniques, including psychological gesture and imaginary centers, with practical exercises aimed at expanding physicality and expressiveness in scenes.

Days 12-13: Integration and Synthesis

The workshop reviews all techniques covered thus far, integrating them into scene rehearsals from various plays. Participants receive peer critiques and directorial guidance to prepare for the final showcase.

Day 14: Final Preparations and Dress Rehearsal

Participants focus on fine-tuning their performances and undergo a dress rehearsal, incorporating props and costumes. They receive feedback from instructors and peers to polish their presentations.

Day 15: Showcase and Conclusion

The workshop concludes with a final performance showcase where participants present their scenes. This is followed by a Q&A session, certificate distribution, and networking opportunities as participants reflect on their journey and future growth.