Career Counselling

Are you feeling unsure about your career path? If so, you’re not alone. Many find themselves at a crossroads, wondering if they’re on the right track. If your answer is YES, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Here, we offer more than just guidance; we offer unwavering support. We’ll stand behind you like a pillar, assisting you with everything you need to enter the glamour world.

What support is offered?

Access to professionals, workshops, auditions, and counseling.

What's unique about your platform?

Dedicated support for overcoming challenges.

How does your platform stand out from others?

We offer personalized guidance, extensive industry connections, and dedicated support tailored to individual needs.



Acting Ascent

  • Steps involved in becoming an Actor
  • Types of Actors
  • Photo shoots (types/angles)
  • Types of looks (Male/Female/Kids/Sr Citizen)
  • What is a profile in acting


Navigating the Industry

  • How to send a profile to production house/Casting directors
  • Myth about Artist card
  • Say NO to registration charges
  • Fake & Fraudster alerts


Actor Support

  • Get contacts of genuine production houses & Casting directors
  • Audition updates for 3 months
  • Aspirant actors promotion on our social media handles & YouTube channel


Acting Toolbox

  • Audition Monologues for practice
  • How to make a profile
  • What casting directors look for
  • Acting resume essentials and formatting

The industry’s competitiveness and unpredictability can raise doubts about one’s chances of success.

Access to professionals, workshops, auditions, and personalized counseling to empower dreams.

We provide tailored guidance, resources, and unwavering support to navigate the industry with confidence.

Our dedicated support system helps individuals overcome challenges and achieve goals.

We prioritize transparency and integrity, connecting individuals with reputable resources.