Makeup Artist

Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Rini Chakraborty. An actor and makeup artist.

I have had quite an interesting journey. From working in corporate, to pursuing my dream of acting, meeting some amazing people in the acting institute, and realizing my love for makeup.I did my acting course from Actor’s Prepares, I am also a certified makeup artist from Glamblush makeup and Hair academy.Makeup is something that has been a huge part of my life for a long time now.

I started off by attending small workshops, just to be sure if this is something I am really interested in. And if I am completely lost in life, makeup is something that will definitely save me.

My makeup journey began back in 2014, when I attended a small workshop by Marvie Ann Beck, a well-known face in the beauty industry. This is the year when I was also introduced to the makeup scene on YouTube. I was immediately hooked.I did a couple of photo-shoots as a model and watching the makeup artist do my makeup and all the amazing products in front of me, made me even more sure that this is definitely my jam.

I pursued a professional makeup course from Glamblush Academy and since then have been working as a makeup artist. So when this amazing opportunity came my way, where I can share my knowledge with young aspiring actors, I just couldn’t refuse. It would make me really happy to see a bunch of young kids learning the nuances of makeup, which is one of the many important things required to make it big in the industry. Knowing to do good makeup is certainly a talent and requires training and is definitely not something you can learn overnight.

In the sessions, I would be covering the basics of makeup which even one of us must know to make ourselves presentable for the camera.


All of us have certain features which make us stand out, if we know how to enhance them for the camera and that is exactly what I will be helping you with in these sessions.

I will be covering the following topics:

  • Skin care & hygiene
  • Makeup for an Actor
  • Understanding different skin tones
  • Understanding different face shapes & structures
  • Brush types & uses
  • Make-up techniques: Applying foundation/concealer, applying eyeshadow, blush, and lip colour
  • Working with highlight & shade
  • Corrections & Sculpting
  • Beginner-friendly products and where to buy them

Wishing you success and perseverance in reaching your dreams! 🌟