From Dream to Reality: Founder and Managing  Director’s  Vision

Shonali, an illustrious figure in the dynamic landscape of Mumbai’s entertainment industry, wears multiple hats with grace and distinction. As the Founder and Managing Director of Sam Entertainment and Talent Management Company, Mumbai (SETMC), she has carved an indelible niche for herself since 2015.With each endeavor she undertakes, Shonali continues to leave an indelible mark on Mumbai’s entertainment landscape, inspiring countless others to reach for the stars.

Simultaneously, her presence as a talented actor on the silver screen adds an extra layer of artistry to her multifaceted persona. In an industry where dreams often meet daunting challenges, our Managing Director has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless aspiring actors. Her unwavering commitment to nurturing fresh talent and guiding them toward success in Bollywood has earned her the reverence of emerging and established artists.Through her work, she not only entertains but also inspires, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in an industry known for its complexities. Shonali’s unwavering commitment to her craft and her unwavering belief in the power of storytelling continue to inspire and uplift all who encounter her work, both on and off the screen.

Illuminated Dreams in


As the driving force behind SETMC, Shonali combines her extensive industry experience with a unique understanding of the aspirations and struggles faced by those seeking a foothold in the entertainment world. Her holistic approach to talent management encompasses not only discovering and representing promising artists but also providing them with mentorship, opportunities, and the necessary exposure to thrive in this competitive realm. Her first-hand experience on film sets brings a profound understanding of the nuances of the craft, making her a relatable and insightful guide for those under her management. Under Shonali’s leadership, SETMC has become a symbol of trust, integrity, and professionalism in the industry. Her ethical practices, client-focused approach, and dedication to nurturing her clients’ careers have garnered widespread admiration.

Talent Discovery

Unearth and represent budding talent across diverse mediums, ensuring visibility and recognition.

Talent Mentorship

Empower rising actor with essential industry guidance, fostering growth and confidence.

Industry Networking

Link Talent with optimal platforms for Bollywood success facilitating opportunities and growth.