our vision


The Directer 

A management graduate (MBA), an entrepreneur, an actor, a certified yoga & meditation coach. I was working with a blue chip company as a Head of the Department with a good pay package, life was well settled, but guess destiny had something more exciting stored for me . So I quit my job & took up an acting course from Anupam Kher s Actor Prepares Academy. Completed the course & started my new journey…

Though I am from Mumbai, still felt very new to this city of dreams, as nobody from my contact was connected to this field. So I started exploring this beautiful world by myself. In my initial days I met quite a few fraudstars some wanted money,some wanted something else in exchange of work but  I  patiently waited & eventually found the right people in the industry. With time got opportunity to work with National award winning directors like Shri Hansal Mehetaji, Shri Devashish Makhija and many more…

Once I had been for an audition and saw a big queue that s when a thought crossed my mind that being from Mumbai I took so much time to figure out the right path so what must be happening to the aspirant actors who leave their family, home everything & come to Mumbai to start a fresh. So why not help them to make their journey a bit easier.

That’s how SAM ENTERTAINMENT & TALENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY (SETMC) was born. The only purpose of this platform is to give proper step by step guidance to aspirant actors at a very affordable charges. We want to avoid aspirants to fall pray to fraudstars in the city & be well prepared before they enter this world of Dreams.